Tour of Flanders VIP-bus (Start + VIP-zone Hotond)

A programme full of atmosphere at the start +  at our beautiful VIP tent at the Hotond. The ultimate race experience with Go4Cycling, official tour operator of Tour of Flanders!



Our itinerary

🚴‍♂️ Discover the Tour of Flanders like a VIP! 🌟

Experience the Tour of Flanders like never before with our exclusive VIP package! 🎉

Dive into the excitement of Flanders’ most prestigious cycling event, surrounded by luxury, exclusivity and special guest René Martens (winner Tour of Flanders 1982). With our VIP package you will be the king of the race, with access to the paddock at the start, where you will feel the adrenaline rise as the riders prepare for this cycling high day. After the start, we will make a pit stop along the way to watch the riders pass by where a delicious wrap will also be offered, before festively arriving at our VIP tent.

Experience the magic of the Tour of Flanders with no less than 4 passages along our VIP area near the Hotond (3 times for the men and once for the women). Feel the speed, hear the cheers of the crowd and admire the sheer power of the cycling gods. Don’t miss a single moment of the action! Our VIP tent is equipped with TV screens so you can follow every heroic effort up close.

Book your exclusive package now and get carried away by the adrenaline, flavors and luxury of this unique cycling event! 🚴‍♀️🌟


Catering buffet with continuous open bar (wines/soft drinks/beer)


  • Goujennettes of cod with fresh tartare
  • Exotic chickpea puree with graved lax salmon
  • Toast pulled pork bell bell pepper sweet sour
  • Macaron of goat cheese & rhubarb jam



  • Courgettini fried chicken and curry
  • Duglère sole rolls with herb mousseline
  • Bone ham bordelaise, fries


Dessert glass + coffee/tea with refreshments

  • Panna cotta caramel
  • Tiuramisu baileys
  • Sabayon yellow fruit


  • 07u30: Rendez Vous @ Sint-Denijs Westrem (Gent-Belgium)
  • 07u30 – 08u30: Transfer with the autobus from Sint-Denijs Westrem to Antwerp (+/-1u)
  • 08u30 – 09u55: Experience the legendary cycling fever from within the start zone. Watch the team busses arrive at , the mechanics set up, riders sign in, ect.
  • 10u00: Start of Tour of Flanders
  • 10u15:  Departure of our bus! Due to the special traffic situation during the race, we need to depart with the bus no later than 15mins after the official start of the race. This means that the bus needs to depart at 10:15am.
  • 10u15 – 11u30 : Departure of the bus direction Hotond VIP-zone, with 1 stop along the way in Haaltert to see the riders pass through the Village of the Ronde.
  • 11u30 – 12u00: Lunch break where you will be served your lunch package with CAVA
  • 12u00 – 16u30 : Experience live moments of the race along the course at the VIP-zone “Hotond” (3 x men + 1 x women), inclusive catering and drinks. 
  • 16u30 – 18u00 : Watch the finish of the race (men & women) on screen inside the VIP-tent
  • 18u15 – 19u15 : Return to Sint-Denijs Westrem

Please take in account that there can be unforeseen traffic situations which can affect the time and locations in the programme.

About two weeks before the race, we will provide you with all the practical information so that we can give you an unforgettable cycling experience!


€ 495 p.p. (incl. TVA)

Vip Rvv


31 March 2024


€ 495 p.p.


Note: Your booking procedure will be completed once you received a booking confirmation from us. Approximately two weeks before the race you will receive all the practical information to ensure you have a great cycling classic race experience!


31 March 2024


€ 495 p.p.


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31 March 2024


€ 495 p.p.


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